She grew up between Naples, Italy and the tropical island, Dominican Republic where she studied first fine arts and then fashion design. While studying fine arts, she would feel the desire to use fabrics as her medium. She would reassemble old garments to create new clothes and she would customized what she wore. Always in search of an individual look that expressed her own view of the world. After graduating in 2009 she moved to Berlin, the perfect place to nurture her ideas. Here she created one of a kind pieces and capsule collections. In 2014 she decided to launch her label Ambra Fiorenza. In her creative process, she puts together personal memories from her life in the ebullient caribbean with her fascination for dark sensuous suspense to create pieces that exude a dramatic yet fun and very urban look. She uses techniques like screen printing, Tie-dyes, paints on silk and reworks the fabrics to create unique textiles. She researches new shapes through draping and pleating on the mannequin. Her aim is to make clothes that will enclose the right balance between humor and drama.